What on Earth?

12 06 2009

Welcome! I am six years old. I am deeply concerned that if we don’t change our ways our Earth will be destroyed forever. We are running out of time to do something about it. Everyone can make a difference so I am here to help spread the word and let my friends know what they can do to help save our Planet.

Our Planet Earth

Our Planet Earth

Greetings from Planet Earth.

If we don’t do anything to change our ways, global sea levels may rise up to 20 feet making many coastal areas uninhabitable. We have polluted our atmosphere with carbon dioxide so much that the suns rays cannot escape and our planet is heating up.

Polar Bears are Drowning as the Ice Caps Melt

Polar Bears are Drowning as the Ice Caps Melt

We are already seeing changes to our environment. There are more hurricanes, heat waves are more frequent and more intense, droughts and wild fires are occurring more often.

Hurricane Katrina Category 5

Hurricane Katrina Category 5

We can change our ways. Everyone can make a difference.

Global Warming is not Cool

Global Warming is not Cool

Some simple everyday changes can help. Use energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances. Recycle. Ask your parent’s to use their car less, walk or ride instead. Use public transport. Buy electric hybrid cars. Offset your carbon emissions. Use carbon offset electricity.

Spread the word.




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